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ImageYou know there is just something special about having an ice cold bottle of beer on a hot summer day – it’s a Tradition…. The ‘up’ of our ‘down time’. We work hard. Disorder has tried to screw with us all week and we stood tall. Ahhh, the first sip of that crisp Lager, Hef or Pale Ale.

…Ready to break Tradition? What about those ‘other’ summer beer styles? One of our Facebook friends brought our focus to Porch Rocker, a fantastic summer beer with a name that helps put you there. S A has presented us with this seasonal ‘Radler’, but what is it? Well, a Radler is typically a German-style beer blended with lemon soda. In this case, it’s a Helles made with lemon.

We wanted to turn you on to some alternative summer drinks that you can make up – just take your favorite beer, preferably your homebrew, and mix it 50-50 with something, basically anything. Turns out there are a number of these traditional summer beer drinks:

  •        Alster                     Pilsner/Lemon Soda
  •        Bismark                 Scwartzbier/Champagne
  •        Black Shandy        Stout/Lemonade
  •        Brass Monkey       Beer/Orange Juice
  •        Cincinnati              Beer/Lemon-Lime Soda
  •        Diabolo                  Lager/mint or grenadine
  •        Flieger                   Weizen/Cola
  •        Kivela                    Lager/lemonade
  •        Mazouts                Lager/cola
  •        Quianti                  Beer/Orange Soda
  •        Radler                   Beer/Lemon Soda
  •        Russ                     Weizen/Lemon Soda
  •        Shandy                 Beer/any Soft Drink
  •        Snakebite             Beer/Cider

And then when the ‘soft’ drink added to the beer becomes ‘hard’ we have:

  •        Diesel                    Lager/Cider/Black Currant liquor
  •        Dragon Bite          Diesel/Vodka
  •        Red Witch            Diesel/Pernod Liquor

Be creative and give it a go!

Let us know if you have one you really enjoy that you have created! Maybe we can design a new beer style!


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