There may be things that even a good beer can’t save…

Interesting read this week from written by the brewmaster of Tempe’s Four Peaks Brewery on trying new brews to pair with food… if you haven’t yet read it I’d recommend reading but Wow…Andy – I can’t tell if you need a beer or you had too many when you wrote this article. Wading through the content of the article basically left me with one thought: there may be things that even a good beer can’t save.

First off, beer is an icebreaker, a social conduit. If you’re going to saddle it with a task like pairing it with food, start with appetizers. “Befores” typically should be light alcohol content. They’ll go with anything from the spicy to the bland. But beware: the spicy will need to be watered down with more of the same beer, and the bland will cry out for the next style.

Which brings me to the next point: I liked the suggestion for each of the guests to bring some beer. I always like this suggestion. As a matter of fact, at our dinner parties, if you don’t bring some beer you wash the dishes. This rule has resulted in a concerted effort by the guests to not only bring beer, but to garner some sense of what the hell it is they have brought so that everyone in attendance knows it’s their beer.


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